Each month we pair two of our resident artists in the “Pop Up” exhibition space adjacent to the gallery, putting more of their work on view.  Currently, we’re featuring new work by photographer Carla Dyck and painter Dawn Schmidt.

Carla Dyck

Carla’s unique creative expression draws on her life experiences and the richness she observes around her.  Whether nostalgic or new, her cityscapes exude a warm, painterly style infused with light and hope.

Dawn Schmidt

Dawn’s acrylic paintings are deeply inspired by the beauty of nature and the vivid colours of our seasons.  Her vibrant landscapes feature an intensity of colour, capturing the light and its many unique reflections across our prairie lakes and skies.

Despite working in different mediums, both artists share a fascination with light and its power to evoke  mood — whether it be nostalgic, meditative, hopeful or inspiring.  As a testament to their complementary vision, Dawn has previously created work based on Carla’s urban photography.