Celebrating Manitoba Artists – with Fairmont Winnipeg

Pulse Gallery is partnering with Fairmont Winnipeg to showcase the exceptional talent of Manitoba artists. Current work available for sale in the hotel lobby and the Gold Lounge has been created by local artists Amanda Onchulenko, Anthony Steffes, Leslie Franklin, and Marim Daien Zipursky.

Fairmont Winnipeg


  • Amanda Onchulenko
  • Anthony Steffes
  • Leslie Franklin
  • Marim Daien Zipursky
Amanda Onchulenko

Amanda Onchulenko

Amanda Onchulenko's work celebrates the beauty and energy of the prairie landscape. Through colour and composition she interprets the prairie as diverse, nuanced and abundant.

"I strive to capture the essence of a moment -- to describe, with this body of work, the energetic experience of landscape. I am drawn to the cheeky personalities of perennial inhabitants, alluding to the fertile abundance of this place, at the heart of a nation, where the horizon levels my gaze."

Anthony Steffes

Anthony Steffes

Anthony thrives on experimentation, bringing his incredible experience, talent and imagination to the creation of his acrylic works. With his joyful expressions drawing inspiration from the performing arts, nature and his own garden, Anthony continually challenges himself to avoid that which he can easily control.

“Art for me is connecting all the possibilities of art mediums with the amazing world of abstract imagination and design on surfaces that provide a place for colour and texture to play.”

Anthony studied art at the University of Manitoba, University of Toronto and Ontario College of Art. As a much-loved art teacher and champion of arts programming, he mentored a generation of high school students. He is happiest when engaged in the process of helping a fellow artist achieve something they previously thought impossible.

Leslie Franklin

Leslie Franklin

Leslie Franklin’s vivid use of colour and loose, flowing style produces expressive, unconventional results. Working primarily in the medium of alcohol ink, her unique style combines elements of realism with free-flowing, non-traditional and vibrant colour, rendering unique interpretations of seemingly conventional subjects.

A recurring focus in Leslie's work is the exploration of animal interactions with their environment. This love for animals and nature was evident early on and led her to pursue a Bachelor of Science. It is perhaps this scientific knowledge, combined with her mastery of working in this challenging medium, that place her alcohol ink paintings in a league of their own.

Marim Daien Zipursky

Marim Daien Zipursky

Current ceramic pieces on display in the Gold Lounge are the work of local artist Marim Daien Zipursky. Marim uses the ancient process of smoke firing in her exquisite sculptural creations. Instead of traditional glazes, Marim incorporates organic materials, such as rose petals, straw and seaweed, as well as copper wire, steel wool, oxides and salt to create subtle patterns and colour.

During firing, many variables can impact the final creation – the way the bin is loaded, the temperature of the firing, the additives to the sawdust and even the weather. When fully cooled, the work is removed from the ashes, cleaned and sealed. No two pieces are the same – each piece is a unique surprise.


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