Gail Sawatzky
Painting was destiny for Gail. Captivated at an early age, she spent endless hours experimenting with mediums and learning her craft. A demanding farm and business lifestyle temporarily diverted her energies, but inevitably she became immersed in courses, study, and instructing, all leading to a distinctive, bold style of acrylics.

Gail considers her process one of texture and sculpture on canvas. The dance of prairie shapes and vistas are the backdrop for bursts of intense colour that hypnotize the eye through layers of luminescent glazes. Sunflowers and sunrises seem almost surreal, but we are persuaded by the emotion and the immediacy of the experience.

Gail’s reserved and mild nature seems incongruous with her daring delivery, but we’re delighted to share her secret realm. She has held solo exhibits and is a founding artist at Pulse. Her work is held in private and corporate collections across North America and Europe.

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