Delina Rissin
Apart from Delina's sensibility and easy going charm, we were drawn to her portfolio of grounded shapes and cohesive theme. Her playful use of line and colour captures attention, yet it transports us to a place of relaxation and peace.

Delina joins us with a broad repertoire in the arts. Her ventures in clothing design, mural painting, interior design, and a music recording career attests to the scope of her creative energy. Through circumstance and “accident” she fused her love of art and music in the classroom setting working with parents and children. Up to this point, art represented something transient and spontaneous. It’s permanence resided in the imagination. Through happenstance, this became a turning point as Delina began committing her images to canvas. A tangible representation and the thrill of sharing her work breathed life into the next chapter of her art. Since 2013, painting has become Delina’s full time vocation. It has captivated her interest and our delight.

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