Wayne Purvis
It is challenging characterizing Wayne’s relationship to his painting. Half joking he contends his flair is in being uncommitted, undisciplined, and relishing long absences between new works. Coming from a background as a building contractor with its physicality, timelines, and precision, his art and technique are the antithesis. He shrugs off any suggestion of talent and contends it was all an accident as he stumbled upon an outlet that felt right at a particular point in his life. Art is a compliment to his interests in environment, health, holism, study, and simplicity.

As a self taught watercolourist he considers his style heavy handed and impatient, but his use of strong architectural line and perspective in his cityscapes are compelling to the eye.  Against this is a frozen moment in time and a mood that invites observation and storytelling. For this reason he is intentionally vague on identifiable locations.

His paintings have found good homes throughout Canada, the U.S., and Europe. Either through modesty or unease Wayne finds it all baffling.

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