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One could say both literally and figuratively that Reymond is all over the map! From his beginnings in the Faculty of Engineering to his ultimate graduation from the Faculty of Fine Arts he discovered that form was more meaningful to him than formulae. A 275 day trip around the world with his young family changed everything. Pencil, pen, camera, oil, and acrylic became his tools to chronicle the images and moods that call him. From his photo realism pencil and charcoal portraits to photographic vignettes, folk art paintings, and abstractions, one can feel the special relationship Reymond has with his subjects.

As a parent, writer, entertainer, marketer, cook, and artist, Reymond wears many hats and may always be challenged to find enough time to fully explore each, however, his enthusiasm for life is inspiring and we wait with anticipation for his new works to come through the door...whatever direction they take.

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