Eric Ouimet
Eric is an exciting addition to the artists of Pulse Gallery. His unique art form of hand-pulled screen printing pays homage to the tradition while creating contemporary compositions of timeless images. Only in the mind’s eye of a skilled artist can a complex vision be deconstructed into myriad operations. Painstakingly it is reassembled one layer and colour at a time. Eric’s collaboration of artist, technician, and craftsman produces works of spartan interpretation that are both direct and alluring. His editions are deliberately limited to small batches. Each work is produced by the artist’s own hands.
Eric’s life and art reflect one another. He was raised on a farm in rural Manitoba. He is a graduate of Communications and Multimedia, and has worked as a Motion Graphics designer as well as creating logos and branding for companies. Surrounded by inspiration, Eric and his husband live on an acreage outside of Winnipeg.

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