Organic Matters

Deborah Elizabeth

ORGANIC MATTERS​               FEBRUARY 1-28, 2018

Since the age of 5, colour, line and texture have influenced me.  As an eternal student of architecture and nature, it has been a self induced lifetime study.  Patience and a steady hand has drawn me through my years to a new adventure with acrylic inks and paints on raw canvas.  

Winters become long, confining and define one's sanity as this northern Ontario gal has discovered in the Prairies.  Winter gone too long cries for relief and colour.  I discovered neon acrylics and started to produce large pieces that reflected beautiful colour in a room from winters' light.  The organic nature of working with liquid acrylics on raw canvas becomes magic with time. The effect is mesmerizing.

There is a rhythm and flow; music to the eyes.  My work includes all that I see, envision and feel...because nature is the influence of all.  How we interpret it matters.  Therefore, what I humbly present is entitled "Organic Matters".

7pm to 9pm​​

Feb 23

Forks Market Historic Site
Johnston Terminal Main floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada