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Jordan Miller
Jordan's eclectic offerings demand attention.  Her delivery is bold and direct as she constructs her series of representations based on a single compelling theme.  To this end, Jordan melds mediums and materials in an intuitive dance utilizing intense colour, ephemeral line and alluded form.  It is not uncommon for patrons to create their own collage of Jordan's work.  

As a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Manitoba, Jordan is the owner and executive director of Cre8ery Gallery and studio.  Not only does she manage, exhibit and promote local artists, she is an educator and mentor in the creation and marketing of art.  She has exhibited in many solo and group shows throughout the province. 

Her awards and contribution to the community of artists is a testament to her authenticity and integrity.  Pulse Gallery is pleased to encourage Jordan to showcase her works at The Forks.

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