Girl Friends

Helen Maxime Stein


GIRL FRIENDS is a series of paintings that celebrate women and our friendships.  These connections come in as many forms as we do; sometimes fun and frivolous, other times serious, brand new or forever.  ​​

Our bonds can bestow absolute joy and, during tough times, will get us through anything life throws at us.  Even when we girls neglect to nourish a friendship, it can lie dormant for decades and come to life with barely a nudge. 

It is a gift to cherish and be eternally grateful for. 

Join us for an evening of celebration Friday, April 27, 2018

Selected works on display April 1-30, 2018   

7pm to 9pm​​

April 27 2018

Forks Market Historic Site
Johnston Terminal Main floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada