Kathleen Crosby
As a lifelong Manitoban, Kathleen fulfilled her dream becoming a professional artist in 2007. Her emotional style has been influenced by the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, Van Gogh, and Picasso, but she is inspired by the raw simplicity in music and nature and her need to find harmony between them.  Always exploring, Kathleen continues to experiment with composition, colour, and line looking for the perfect distillation and the transformation to joy.

Kathleen’s work is often described as inspirational. It is no accident that patrons discover hope and optimism in her paintings. Her life and art is guided by selfless gratitude and wonderment. With this sense of holism and enthusiasm Kathleen generously devotes her talents to teach workshops, mentor young aspiring artists, and strives to inspire a new generation.

Kathleen’s works have been exhibited with the Manitoba Society of artists, solo shows, and are found in many private collections across the country.

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