Garry Budyk
As Pulse Gallery's photographic artist, Garry masterfully captures the realism and rawness of the Manitoba landscape and compels us to pause and take it all in. One does not have to be an inhabitant of the prairies to be captivated by his images and the diversity of land, sky, and features. Garry takes us to his secret places where suddenly a grain elevator, dilapidated barn, or rusted relic transports us to our own historic remembrances. His compositions are patiently crafted with light, shadow, angle, and exposure… small challenge in our unpredictable climate.

Garry’s “Images of Manitoba” grace homes and offices worldwide showcasing the beauty of Manitoba to a global audience.

Garry is a devoted birder, naturalist, and steward of the environment. When he is not telling stories through his photographs he is guiding, teaching, and tromping through bush and marsh with avid photographers and birders.

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