Artist Kathleen Black wearing a big hat in her bio page
Kathleen Black
Kathleen is both prolific and diverse in her artistic expression.  Highly experimental in subject and medium, she merges acrylics, oils, encaustic, fabric, glass jewelry and sculpture with singular boldness.  She is noted for her vivid acrylics and recurring images of prairies and boreal forest.  Her glasswork is a union of vessel and sculpture.  She forms the fiery colours of stained glass into balanced works both supple and solid.  Her work is emotional, vulnerable and direct.

Kathleen is captivated by concepts of time and mortality, the journey between the two, and the artistic mediums that best capture a representation of this dynamic.  The culmination of her art and philosophy are no accident. 

Kathleen holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba.  She has been featured in group and solo exhibitions across Canada.  For the past several years she has worked closely with cancer patients in "Art Next to the Big Blue Chair" and "Artists in Healthcare" programs.

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Kathleen's gallery
  1. Kathleen Black's The Lake of Spaces shows a tree by a lake in the winter
  2. Kathleen Black's The View from Four Cross Lane shows a fence stretching off into a green hilly landscape
  3. Kathleen Black's Vast shows a forest in fog
  4. Kathleen Black's Thinking Space