Art That Pops!
Jerry Rubin
ART THAT POPS!                                                 AUGUST 1-31, 2018

I fall asleep every night thinking about the piece I’m currently painting; working out in my subconscious mind the details, colours, placements, and surmountable obstacles. Every morning I awake with joy, anxious to begin the fun. 

I paint meticulously while always looking to try something uniquely out of the box... I sometimes hide secret images in the pieces waiting to be discovered. Inevitably there is the anticipation of the adrenaline rush that completion always brings. 

My art is incredible fun for me; it makes me happy, it makes me smile and if it does the same for you, then my mission is accomplished.  

Join us for an evening of celebration

Public Reception

Wednesday, August 22nd, 7pm-9 pm
​All are welcome

7pm to 9pm​​

Aug 22

Forks Market Historic Site
Johnston Terminal Main floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada